20August 2019


Mobile crushers have been employed at quarries for a number of years, and are now available for hire for use at your site.

From demolition spoil (bricks, tiles, mortar, foundations, concrete) to natural rock, the crusher can recycle materials in-situ, save on transport costs, as well as creating filler material of varying degrees, at extremely economical costs.

On-site crushing – The concept and benefits:

  1. Economic benefit for on-site crushing as opposed to trucking material to a landfill site
  2. Processed material can be utilized on-site, versus importing new material
  3. Our vast experience in the recycling of aggregates field, allows us to advice and guide on cost analysis of various crushed materials that you may require on site

Benefits of using recycled aggregates:

Cost Saving:

  1. Recycled aggregates can save money compared to new material, as they can be less expensive to produce.
  2. If available locally then this can reduce the cost of transportation.
  3. Producing recycled aggregate is more cost-effective than sending un-wanted materials to landfill.


  1. Recycled Aggregate is regarded as a “green” construction material.
  2. Using recycled aggregate reduces the amount of virgin aggregates which are created and therefore means less excavation of natural resources, and thus extends the potential depletion thereof.
  1. Reduces the ever-increasing pressure on landfill capacity, and on construction sites to divert waste away from landfill to meet sustainability targets.
  2. Reduces CO2 emissions than mining of virgin aggregates (fuel use, travel, etc)


Recycled aggregates can be used for various different functions, suitable for use with construction projects, landscaping and in home improvement applications.

These benefits of using recycled aggregate means that you can enjoy doing your part to help the environment with decreased expenditure – and without the need to sacrifice use, strength and durability, as well as creating employment in the recycling industry

The Metso LT106:

The Lokotrack LT106’s compact dimensions and agility on tracks mean lower transport costs between and within crushing sites. It enables safe and easy loading onto a trailer. Thanks to the feed hopper sides, with a patented and safe hydraulic securing system and radial side conveyor, the unit is ready for crushing or transport within minutes.

New design features, such as engine and flywheel composite covers, together with spacious service platforms and general excellent accessibility make daily operations safe and easy.

  • Proven C106 crusher with new features offers higher capacity and lower operational costs
  • Compact and agile to transport
  • Availability and productivity maximized through high-quality components and process automation
  • 21st century design for safe and easy operation and maintenance

Crush-It Green have invested in this top-of-the-range machine in order to offer the very best of options to reduce natural resources, increase recycled aggregate use, and supply the best solutions to our clients, that assist in reducing operational and material costs.

Contact us for rates to rent the Mobile Jaw Crusher, or to set up a meeting for us to visit your site for a consultation.

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